A passionate food enthusiast on a journey from meat-centric meals to embracing the vibrant world of fruits and vegetables.


Welcome to the Uncomplicated Palate!

I am Jerainne, a lover of food and life! I created the uncomplicated palate to document my transition and journey from eating meat to more fruits and vegetables! I never thought I would be at this place but I am and I’m loving it!

My love of cooking all started back in Jamaica, where I grew up. At the age of 9, my parents gave me free range in the kitchen to experiment and explore. They watched my love of cooking explode! Their support and confidence landed me the biggest cooking responsibility at 14 years old, planning and preparing Sunday meals for my family. This was a big deal, as meals on Sundays were the most important of the week! It was a time allotted for kinship. All meals, especially dinner, served as the central hub for family and love!


The art of pot shopping: My Le Creuset Philadelphia Factory to Table experience

The Le Creuset Factory to Table shopping event happens twice a year in the USA. Once in the Springtime, usually in the South and another in early Fall, typically up North. It’s a time when cast iron pot enthusiasts, also known as, “Pot Heads”, gather to take advantage of steals and deep discounts on enameled …


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